:31:00 know any normal person
who would want to join the Pigs barn ?

-and taxi drivers?
-what about them?

You know anybody that
would want to become a taxi driver ?

Those complaining guys that takes you
only when they want ?

the ones that screams at you
when the tip isn't right

And drinking in the coffee shops!
They are all friends with polices
Y se casan con una portera
para tener casa gratis.

you are not married with a lanlord ?
-Ah you've reassured me there !

Ok there is maybe a few drivers
rude with the customers

-But they are not all like you said.
-And? with the police it's the same thing.

They aren't all drunks at 6 in the morning
beating on an innocent.

Some of them do their jobs
Just like you... and like me.

Maybe, yeah maybe.
But the problem is that Taxi driver
isn't my real job.

Ah you do the taxi only for fun...
what is your real job then?

I'm going to show you.
Do you have a bag
I don't feel good.

Don't worry, as long as we drive
nothing will come out.

I'm sorry sir
it's the first time it happens to me.

usualy the client gets out
walk a bit...then...

-I'm really sorry.
-I'm going to confess something.