Team America: World Police

He is a natural born leader.
I've heard a lot about your acting Mr. Johnston
I hope it's as good as they say it is.
And this is Sarah. The top empath from Berkely school
for the clairvoyant in San Franciso.

I sense that you are slightly confused right now.
That's suppose to be Carson's replacement?
A fucking actor?
Don't mind Chris. He may be lacking courtesy
but he is the best martial art expert Detroit has to offer.

That's right actor. Just stay the fuck away from me.
And finally we have our psychology expert. Where is Lisa?
Right here.
Gary, this is Lisa. She specializes in how the terrorists think.
Usually a case of malignant narcissism brought under in childhood.
We've been doing our best to keep the world safe, Gary.
But now somebody has supplied the terrorists with WMDs.
And Intelligence tells us they plan to use them.
Isn't that right Intelligence?
That is affirmative!
The most sophisticated computer in the world.
I've intercepted communications that several terrorists groups
are being organized for one massive world wide attack.

From what Intelligence has gathered it would be 911 times 100.
911 times 100 Jesus that's ...
... yes, 91100.
Basically all the worst parts of the Bible.
So now you see why we need you.
We will disguise you as a terrorist and take you deep
into the Middle East. If your acting is successful

you'll be able to get us all the information
we need to stop this whole thing from happening.

Of course ... if you are not interested ...
there's the door.