The Aviator

l'll take you. We see some
You're not a Republican, are you?
You must. lt's your secret franchise.
What about that?
She is just a friend.
Men can't be friends
with women, Howard.

They must possessed them
or leave them be.

Kill the flesh, eat the flesh,
Excuse me.
lf you dare, you must own up to it.
But it's all tied up inside the body,
don't you find?

l take 7 showers a day to keep clean.
Well, l'm not outdoor. l'm athletic.
l sweat.

There it is.
l sweat and you're dead.
Fine pair of misfits.
Noble effort.
Not enough.
Not enough.
This has to be completely flushed.

l want every screw and joint
l want no resistance
She has gotta be clean.