The Corporation

the very high cliff
represents the virtually
united resources

we seem to have when
we began this journey.

The craft isn’t flying
because it's not built according
to the laws of aerodynamics

and is subject
to the law of gravity.

Civilization is not flying
because it's not built according
to the laws of aerodynamics

for civilizations
that would fly.

And of course the ground
is still a long way away

but some people have seen
that ground rushing up

sooner than
the rest of us have.

The visionaries have seen it
and have told us its coming.

There’s not a
single scientific

peer reviewed paper published
in the last 25years

that would contradict
this scenario

Every living system
of earth

is in decline
every life support system
of earth is in decline

and these together
constitute the biosphere

the biosphere that supports
and nurtures all of life

not just our life but perhaps
30 million other species

that share
this planet with us.

The typical company
of the 20th century

extractive wasteful
abusive linear

in all of its processes
taking from the earth
making wasting
sending its products

back to the biosphere
waste to a landfill...

I myself was amazed to learn
just how much stuff

the earth has to produce
through our extraction process

to produce a dollar of
revenue for our company.

When I learnt
I was flabbergasted.

We are leaving a terrible
legacy of poison