The Dreamers

Strange beautiful grass of green...
with your majestic silver seas.
Your mysterious mountains
l wish to see closer.

May l land my kinky machine.
The first time l ever saw a movie
at the Cinematheque Fran├žaise...

l thought only the French...
would house a cinema
inside a palace.

The movie was Sam Fuller's
'Shock Corridor'.

lts images were so powerful,
it was like being hypnotised.

l was 20 years old.
lt was the late 60s.

l'd come to Paris for a year
to study French.

Here l got my real education.
l became a member of what
was kind of a freemasonry.

The freemasonry of cinephiles.
What we'd call 'film buffs'.
l was one of the insatiables...
the ones you'd always find
sitting closest to the screen.

Why do we sit so close?
Maybe it was because we wanted
to receive the images first,