The Dreamers

when they were still new,
still fresh,

before they cleared
the hurdles of the rows behind us.

Before they had been relayed back
from row to row,

spectatorto spectator,
until, worn out, second-hand,
the size of a postage stamp,

it returned to the
projectionist's cabin.

Doctor, l'm not nuts,
l'm here forthe paper!

Maybe, too, the screen
really was a screen.

lt screened us from the world.
But there was one evening,
in the spring of 1968,
when the world finally burst
through the screen.

Obeying an obscure coalition
of dubious interests,

the Minister Malraux has driven...
Henri Langlois
out of French Cinematheque.

Chaillot offered us all
a free and fair conception...

of film culture.
Now, for bureaucratic reasons,
culture's arch-enemies...

have seized this bastion of liberty.
Resist them!
-Liberty isn't given!
-lt's taken!

All those who love film...
-ln France.
-And abroad.

-Are with you.
-And with Henry Langlois!

Henri Langlois
created the Cinematheque.

Because he liked to show movies...
instead of letting them rot
in some underground vault.

He'd show any movies,
good, bad, old, new...

silents, westerns, thrillers.
All the new wave filmmakers
came here to learn their craft.

This is where modern cinema
was born.

What lies behind it: the police!