The Librarian: Quest for the Spear

I did it.
I did it. I just learned the...
I just learned the Language of the Birds.

Didn't even have a Rosetta stone.
I just did it in...

:37:39 hours and 26 minutes.
Sorry, sorry.
Go back to being radiant.

The golden ratio.
- The golden ratio...
- You're about to say the ratio of 1.618-1...

...has been proven to be the key to
everything in nature that we find beautiful...

...and that my face is the most perfect
example you've ever seen of that ratio.

How could you possibly know that?
Because every geek I've ever met
has tried to hand me that line.

I'd love for you to join us in the cabin,
see the sunrise over the Amazon.

Of course you would.
I would...
"Of course you would. "
"Of course you would. "
We're at 11,000 feet
and starting our descent.

Excuse me. We have a problem.
Are you the air marshal?

Yes, I am.
That's the Librarian?
Don't underestimate him.