The Manchurian Candidate

Anything to take the pain
out of campaigning, eh?

That's what I always say!
- May I take this thing off now, Mother?
- Raymond, what is the matter with you?

You look as if your head
were about to come to a point.

Johnny, fix him a drink.
Sit down, Raymond!
We'll be home in less than three hours.

I'm not going home with you, Mother.
I'm going to New York.

I've got a job on a newspaper.
Research assistant
to Mr Holborn Gaines.

Holborn Gaines? That Communist?!
He's not a Communist, Mother.
As a matter of fact, he's a Republican.

But the terrible things
he's written about Johnny!

He came to interview me
at the White House.

Afterwards I asked him for a job.
He gave it to me.

We discovered that we had
a great deal in common.

What could you possibly have
in common with that dreadful old man?

For one thing, we discovered that we
both loathe and despise you and Johnny.

And that's a beginning.
The war in Korea was over.
Captain, now Major, Bennett Marco
had been reassigned

to Army Intelligence in Washington.
It was, by and large, a pleasant
assignment, except for one thing.

Night after night, the Major was plagued
by the same reoccurring nightmare.

Stop it... Stop it...
Stop it... Stop it...
Another modern discovery
which we owe to the hydrangea

concerns the influence
of air drainage upon plant climate.