The Terminal

... the international community
tries to secure a peaceful resolution.

The populace has to wonder if
they will ever find political stability,

or find the leadership to secure
their place on the world stage.

And next this hour,
looking to buy a 90-foot yacht?

... taken hostage. We're hearing
that the Vice President has been killed

along with four cabinet members,
13 inijured soldiers and 20 civilians.

By dawn, rebel leaders
had surrounded the state houses.

In a symbolic gesture, the national flag
of Krakozhia was torn down

from the Presidential Palace
and the parliament building.

Please. Please.
Passenger Chen Wan-Shiu
and Liu Tao-Jing,

please come to podium
to pick up your boarding passes.

This ijust in. Last night a military coup
overthrew the government of Krakozhia.

Bombing and gunfire
were heard through the night.

Although details are unclear,
we are told that President Vagobagin
and his aides have been taken hostage.

Bonijour, monsieur.
You are a Red Carpet Club member?