The Terminal

Welcome to the United States.
I need visa.
Where's your green form?
I can't do anything without it.

Go to the wall.
The light green form.
I love New York...
- I love it!
- New York

I love New York
I love New York...
Light green.
Mr. Navorski, you cannot
get into New York without a visa.

You cannot get a visa
without a passport,

and you cannot get
a new passport without a country.

There's nothing
we can do for you here.

I give you light green.
I'm sorry,
but you've wasted an entire day.

At this time you are simply...
- Unacceptable.
- Yes.

Why is he still here?
You released him, sir.
You put him there.

Why doesn't he walk out the doors?
Why doesn't he try to escape?

- Sir, you told him to wait.
- I didn't think he'd actually do it.

I mean, he's in a crack.
Who the hell waits in a crack?

No news from the State Department,
but we can deport him in a few days.

Yeah, it could be a few days.
It could be a week, two weeks, a month.

Who knows what this guy is thinking,
what gulag he escaped from.