The Terminal

That you.
I'm so late.
Buenos Aires.
I can't remember the gate.

Gate 24.
- You sure?
- Yes.

Ladies and gentlemen...
For you. Payless Shoes.
Second floor.
Sensible heels.

- Hi, baby.
- Come here, you.

I think he's CIA.
The CIA put him here to spy on us.

You don't know what you're talking
about. He doesn't speak English.

If he could learn to speak, this guy.
He can't speak English, how could he
have a meeting with a beautiful woman?

A flight attendant.
- So, she's CIA, too?
- No.

She look like a Russian.
KGB. She gave him heel of her shoes.

And he gave her a piece of the paper.
- Was it microfilm?
- A coupon from Payless Shoes.

Must be some kind of the code.
You been spending too much time
inhaling them cleaning products.

I'm warning you guys.
You watch yourself.

This guy is here for a reason.
And I think that reason is us.

Excuse me, buddy.