The Terminal

Let me ask you something,
Mr. Navorski.

Why do you wait here every day
when there's nothing I can do for you?

Your new visa will not arrive until
your country is recognized by the US.

You have two stamp.
One red, one green.
- So?
- I have chance to go New York, 50-50.

Yes. That's a beautiful way to look at
it, but America doesn't work that way.

As acting Field Commissioner,
I've created a new position here at JFK.

Transportation Liaison
for Passenger Assistance.

Sir, what will that person do?
Thank you.
I'll take it from here.

I'm Transportation Liaison
in charge of Passenger Assistance.

No carts, no quarters.
No quarters, no food.

It'll be days before he goes through
the doors in violation of section 2.14

Then he's somebody else's problem.
Why don't we tag him
in violation of section 2.14 now?

Then ship him to detention.
He has to break the law by leaving.
I won't lie, particularly to get rid
of somebody like him.