The Terminal

No. No food. I stuffed.
OK. All right.
Thank you.
So, Mr. Navorski,
I have some very good news for you.

I've figured out a way
to get you out of this airport.

Well, we have laws here
that protect aliens

who have a credible fear
of returning to their own country.

If we can establish this fear with you,
then the CBP will be forced
to begin Expedited Removal Procedures,

to bring you to an immigration judge
and let you plead your case for asylum.

- Asylum?
- Mm-hm, asylum.

Unfortunately, the courts
are so backed up with asylum cases

that the soonest you'd get before
a judge would be six months from now.

Yes, and we would have no choice
but to let you go for those six months.
It's the law. You'd be released.

You would be free to wait
in New York until your court date.

But, believe it or not, most people
never show up before the judge.

- So I go New York City?
- Uh-huh.

You can go to New York City tonight.
But, you only get to go
if we can establish a credible fear.

- Fear?
- Mm-hm, fear.

- Fear.
- Fear.

From what?
That's the best part.
It doesn't matter what you're afraid of.
It's all the same to Uncle Sam.

So I'm going to ask you one question,
if you give me the correct answer, I can
get you out of this airport tonight.

So, I answer one question.
Go to New York City. Tonight.
- Tonight.
- Tonight.

- Tonight.
- Tonight.

- OK.
- OK.

All right.
Do you, at this time, have any fear
of returning to your own country?