The Terminal

- I help you? Why?
- I don't want anybody to get hurt.

This guy's very upset.
Just calm him down
and I'll let you back in the terminal.

No. New York.
No red stamp. Green. I green.

- New York.
- OK, yes.

- You say yes?
- Yes.

- OK. OK, OK, OK.
- Stay out!

We have somebody here to talk to you.
Somebody to talk to you. Go ahead.

Stay out!
OK, tell him in order to export
medicines from this country,

he needs to have the proper form,
a Medicinal Purchase License.

OK? You understand me, Viktor?
He say he bring
the medicine for his father.

This why he go to Canada.
Medicine for father.

It doesn't matter.
His plane landed in the US.
He needs to have the right form.

He did not know
he need this document.

No one say to him
he need document form.

I'm saying it to him.
He needs to have the form signed by
the hospital who is treating his father.

These medicines
have to stay in the United States.