The Terminal

- What?
- Goat. It medicine is for goat.

- Goat?
- Yes. Medicine is for goat. Goat.

- He said that?
- Yes.

He say...
We not understand.
I not understand "goat".

Why? What are you saying?
You misunderstood him?

- It's not for his dying father?
- No. No.

The... Krakozhia...
The name for "father"...

sound like "goat".
I make mistake.
Why are you doing this, Viktor?
Medicine is for... goat.
- No, it's not.
- Yes.

- No.
- Yes.

You read the blue immigration form.
- Blue?
- Yes. Blue.

- Blue?
- Blue. The blue form.

The one that says if it's an animal,
he doesn't need the license.

Then he can bring the drugs in.
That's good, Viktor. That's very good.

Why are you doing this? Huh?
You don't know him.
You don't know the rules.

Look at me.
I was going to help you.
Now I want you to ask him...
No, not you.

I want you to ask him.
I want to hear him say it.

I want to hear him say
who the medicine is for.

Please. Who the medicine is for.
Answer him, Mr. Milodragovich.
Who are the pills for?

OK. The pills stay. He goes. That's it.