The Terminal

You can switch off pager.
I wish I could.
I've been waiting for a phone call
for seven years.

I know it's coming, Viktor.
That's why I can't break it off.

That's why I live out of hotels and have
my little suitcase packed, ready to go,

just in case
he wants to meet me for the weekend.

I've been waiting my whole life.
- Just don't know what the hell for.
I'm so sorry.
I live here.
- What?
- I live here, in terminal.

Gate 67.
- You live at the airport?
- Yes. Day and night.

This home, like you.
They tell me to wait.

So I wait.
All frequent fliers
feel the same way you do, Viktor.

Everybody's waiting. Everybody.
- For a flight, for a meeting...
- I don't wait for flight or meeting.

- Then what are you waiting for?
Is OK. I understand.
I have an idea.
- Come here.
- What you do?

You sure?
More than anything, I'm sure of this.