The Terminal

I guess you missed your flight again.
Or maybe you have a bad travel agent.

Please. Sit.
It's OK, Viktor. All men lie.
- At least you're not very good at it.
- I did not lie.

You told me you were delayed.
You never said it was for nine months.

Maybe you see the man
the way you want see the man.

So what am I seeing?
Who are you?

- I...
- Unacceptable?

Yes. Yes.
You want to hear the funny part?
I broke up with him.
I was coming here to tell you
he's out of my life.

I'm free. I got tired of waiting.
At least we have that in common.
Amelia, you know what Napoleon
give to Josephine when he win Bavaria?

I show you.
Please. Please.
Sit. Please.
That was gift.
Napoleon to Josephine.

One thousand fountains.
You built this for me?
Please. Sit. Don't get wet.