The Terminal

All right, everybody.
Let's raise your glasses.

Let's have a toast to my friend,
Viktor "The Goat".

May he never lose his country again.
Amelia! You here early!
Hello. Amelia, look.
Peace, peace in the war.
The war, peace. Come.

See, the war,
the war Krakozhia is over.

Peace. The war is over.
- You know my friend in Washington.
- Yes, yes.

He has a lot of connections. Here.
It's a pass, Viktor.
A one-day travel emergency visa
with your name on it.

- Wha... Visa?
- Yes.

- From your friend?
- Yeah.

Just go to New York, find that last name
and put it in the can.

- I go New York?
- Yes.

I go New York!
Amelia, you come with.
You come with me to New York.

Your friend do this for me?
Why he do this for me?

He did it for me.
I told you to stay away from me, Viktor.
But you didn't understand.

- I think you were confused.
- No, I confused about everything.

I not confused... Not this. Not this.
I'm sorry. I'm running late.
Amelia. Why you go? Why you go?
You know what Napoleon
gave Josephine as a wedding present?

It was a gold locket.
And on the inside,
he made an inscription.