The Terminal

You want us to block the south exit
and have AP sweep every vehicle?

5.30 from Tokyo just landed.
Got two planes on the tarmac.
Barcelona on approach.

The night is young
and 1500 people are headed our way.

Everybody inside.
Everybody inside.

Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
- Are you checking in, sir?
- No, no. I don't check in.

I want to go to this place, please.
The lobby lounge
is around the corner.

They have happy hour specials
and live music. Do you like jazz?

The monitor's off.
The piano's OK. A little more
bass. More bass from the monitor.

Let's do Killer Joe.
It worked all right last night.

- Yes?
- You are Benny Golson?

Yeah. Yes, I am.
Benny Golson, I am Viktor Navorski.
I am from Krakozhia.

My father, Dimitar Asenov Navorski,
was great, great fan of your music.

A jazz fan. Fantastic.
Would you sign your name, please?
Can I do it a little later?
We have to get started now.