The Whole Ten Yards

- Long.
- You're making me blush.

That's good.
Give me one good reason to trust you.
- Well, I can give 280 million.
- What?

- What are you talking about?
- Your father never told you?

What's so funny?
What's so goddamn funny?
Your daddy thinks you're a moron.
- Anya!
- Coming.

Anya, you watch the broad.
- Where you going?
- I'm going to the bus station.

- Find Papa.
- My God.

Anya, can I use your bathroom?
All right, I got your cream cheese
and scrambled egg.

- That leaves you with the tuna.
- I don't like tuna.

- Start liking it.
- Okay.

I thought of a reason
why you don't have to kill me.

What would that be, dentist?
What if they didn't trace me through my car?
That's a hell of a thing to hang my life on.

- Only thing to hang your life on is trust.
- You want mustard?

Yes, honey, thank you.
What, no Jewish prayer
before our ham and cheese?

You got a problem
with my religiosity, Oz?

Do unto others before you're
turned into a pillar of salt.

Exactly. Unless they're a rat.
Then you can shoot them in the eyes.
- A pillar of salt?
- That's right. Moses said that.

Read the Bible, Oz.
Eat up, dentist.
It could be your last meal.

If they don't show up,
you're gonna shoot me? Is that it?