Two Brothers

I'll need his assistance again.
I know I can count
on his friendship and discretion.

The Chief says, discretion is
the Oriental's virtue.

Of course. Well to thank
him for all he's done,

please tell your father
I'll give him the hide.

The Chief says he'd rather
have them alive.

No, I meant the big tiger,
the dead one.

The Chief says, the dead
one is also welcome.

He thanks you very much
for both tigers.

No, I don't think
you understand.

Can I help you, Captain?
Sergeant Van Tranh.
Second district.

What do I see here?
Pretty subject
i a safari outfit.

I see sacred statues
stolen from the temples.

Is that what you see?
I see blocks of old stone
found in the jungle.

In that case, in accordance
with section 12, subsection 211-

of the Mineral Resources Act.
I request you
show me your hands.

Follow me.
A tiger attacked him
and he lost his leg.

On your way.
He gives you this charm to thank
you as asign of him gratitude.