Two Brothers

To teach us languages.
I'm very impressed.
What else do they teach you?

To be aware of white man.
- Well...
- Mr. Administrator.

We have one tiger. Caught in
our trap yesterday morning.

Oh. Is one enough?
That will depend on your guest
with his shooting rifle.

His Excellency's father
was a great hunter.

Indeed, his father has
many qualities.

But a great number of them
appear to be puerility.

I see, you are
admiring my scheme.

Impressive, isn't it?
Soon you want me to break up these
temples and ship them to London.

London will come
here to see them.

The future is tourism, McRory.
And my role is going to
make it happen.

Poor Mr McRory.
If you have to bore the poor man
there's plenty left of the day.

You might have waited until
he had some lunch?

My wife, Matild.
My dear. May I introduce
Aidan McRory -

who so kindly offer to organize
the hunt for His Excellency.

I know who he is, darling.
I take it you don't support
the road then.

I support any thing that will get me
out of this God forsaken hole.

So mind you, make
a success of the hunt.

If His Excellency agrees to let the
new road to cross the land -

it could be our
ticket back to Paris.

I'll do my best.
And if you succeed...
You may choose your own reward.

Champagne! Champagne!