Two Brothers

Come on!
What are you crying about?
You've been promoted.

You shouldn't be sad.
You were right not to leave
little tiger in the jungle.

It would have grown up
a man-eater.

I suppose.
You are a hunter.
You protect people
from wild animals.

It is good to care for them,
not to pity them.

It's exactly what
I used to think.

For me, hunting is
a noble occupation.

I think it's also a noble occupation
to share treasures of your countries -

to people who don't know
anything about them.

Wouldn't you agree?
My father agrees.
If you give him money.

Nobody sees the statues here. They're
just left to decay in the jungle.

The jungle is their home.
This is where they live.

It's also where tigers live, but you
don't mind hunting them.

Do you remember the young
man who gave you this?

The one who lost
his leg to a tiger?

He's my brother.