Van Helsing

I swear to God!
[Aleera cackles distantly]
- I must save him.
- No, you can't.

I cabled Rome earlier
to apprise them of our situation.

What did they say?
CARL: Even if you kill Dracula...
Rome orders you to destroy
Frankenstein as well.

He isn't evil.
But they say he isn't human, either.
Do they know him? Have they spoken
to him? Who are they to judge?

They want you to destroy him so he
can never be used to harm humanity.

What of me? Did you tell them
what I'm to become?

VAN HELSING: Did they tell you
how to kill me?

The correct angle of the stake
as it enters my heart?

The exact measure of silver
in each bullet?

ANNA: Stop!
CARL: No, I left you out!

[Ominous instrumental music]
I'm sorry.
It's starting.
They must have taken
all the equipment to Dracula's lair.

Wherever that is.
Look, there's still time.
Dracula can't bring his children
to life until the sun sets.

The sun sets in two hours.
We've been looking for him
for more than 400 years!

Yes, well, I wasn't around
for those 400 years, now, was I?

VAN HELSING: Okay, Carl,
what have you learned?

That Count Dracula was actually
the son of Valerious the Elder.

The son of your ancestor.
Everybody knows that. What else?
All right.
Well, according to this rubbing...

it all started
when Dracula was murdered.

VAN HELSING: Do you know
who murdered him?