Vera Drake

You're a lucky man in all, Frank.
What she invite him round for, anyway?
- He lives on his own.
- A lot of people live on their own.

Don't mean you've got to invite them
all round for tea though, does it?

lt's just Vera's way, ain't it?
Maybe he wants to be on his own.
She wants to mind her own business.
She's a little busybody, bless her.
She's going to get herself in trouble
one of these days.

I'm glad we moved out here, aren't you?
l seen the washing machine
l want this morning. lt's ¡ê25.

Oh no, not now, Frank.
Not your accounts.

- lt'll take me 10 minutes.
- I know your "10 minutes."

An hour and 10 minutes, more like.
l thought we was going
to have another early night.

I'll finish this and we can have
an early night.

All right, dear.
You're asleep!
Don't go to sleep on me.
Well, you come on top of me then.
- Come on.
- Can't we leave it till tomorrow?

No, we got to do it now, ain't we?