Vera Drake

ls your name, Vera Rose Drake?
Prisoner at the bar,
you are charged with using an instrument
with intent to procure miscarriage,
contrary to section 58
of the Offenses Against the Person Act, 1861.
The particulars of the offense,
are that on the 17th day of November, 1950,
in the county of London,
you did unlawfully use an instrument
with intent to procure
the miscarriage of a woman

named Pamela Mary Barnes.
How say you?
Are you guilty, or not guilty?
I'm guilty.
Could you please speak up, Mrs. Drake,
that the court might hear you?
- I'm guilty.
- Thank you.

Please be seated.
...and cautioned her.
on being asked to surrender
the equipment used for the abortion,
the defendant produced nine objects
from the top of a cupboard in the bedroom.
My Lord, they were: a Higginson's syringe--
that is exhibit EW-1.
A cheese grater--exhibit EW-2.
A nail brush--
exhibit EW-3.
A bottle of disinfectant--
exhibit EW-4,
wrapped in a towel--exhibit EW-5.
A piece of carbolic soap
wrapped in a dishcloth--
they are exhibits EW-6 and EW-7.
Those last two objects
were both enclosed in a tin.