Walk On Water

What? Take him
to the Holocaust museum?

I think if you get close to them,
we'll learn about the grandfather.

And I need someone who speaks German.
- Menachem, let's be honest here.

No one gives a damn anymore.
He'll die by himself soon enough.
I want to get him before God does.
Rishon - Le Zion?
Shit! How many killed?
Call Yaakov! What do you mean
no answer? Call again!

Menachem! He hasn't come through yet.
So dial again. - I heard about it.
- Galit! - Menachem!

Shit, cell phones are dead.
Every time a bomb goes off...

Never mind,
they'll come back soon. Fuck them!

Twelve people killed.
Hi. I'm Axel. This is my name here.
Mr. Himmelmann, welcome to Israel.
- Just missed the day's bomb.
- What?

- We've just had a bomb. A terrorist
that blew himself up. - Where?

Not far. Rishon Letzion.
It's a city close to here.

- Very close?
- Yes, but don't be afraid.

They never do more than
one a day. I mean, usually.

But maybe for you
they will have a second one today.

I am joking.
- What?
- This music.

They play sad music after a bomb.
Let's listen to good music.
Okay... I have got "The Doors"
The first album, "Morrison Hotel",