Walk On Water

No negativity,
no bad thoughts.

- And then?
- And then you can walk on water.

I am sure of it.
"Talent show"
- Where did you go?
- I just went to get something. - What?

- We got to do "Cinderella Rockefella".
- Oh, you must be crazy!

- Why not?
- What are you talking about?

- My little brother's drunk.
- I didn't drink anything.

- Do you remember the song "Cinderella
Rockefella"? - Cinderella who?

Do you remember Esther Ofarim?
Yes, I know the name, but
what do you know about her?

She and her husband, the Ofarim,
they were huge in Germany in the 60's.

Yes. My crazy aunt
was a great fan of her.

She taught us "Cinderella Rockefella"
Axel and I used to sing it
at family parties.

We used to get dressed up
as prince and princess.

Thanks! Thanks a lot!
Thank you, Tom.
And now we have a surprise.

Our Pia and her brother Axel.
# You're the lady,
you're the lady that I love

# I'm the lady, the lady who