Walk On Water

They said something about a party,
but with no details.

Forget it, Menachem.
They'll be here any minute.

I'm taking him to the Dead Sea.
Via the Jordan valley.

During the day it's safe,
don't worry.

I'll show him Jericho.
He wants to see Palestinians.

He's such a nudnik.
I won't stop in Jericho, don't worry.

I might drown him in the Dead Sea.
Might be a world news scoop.

Okay, Menachem.
They're here, I gotta go. Bye!

- Good morning.
- Morning.

Make sure my brother
puts on some suntan lotion.

You know, he gets sunburnt really fast.
Two hours in the desert
he'll be red like a tomato.

No problem,
it's part of the service.

- So tell me, does she like to live here?
- Yes, she loves it.

- Does she have a boyfriend?
- She had one, but not anymore.

A guy she met in India.
She says Israeli men are...

- What, impossible?
- Yes. I mean... no.

It's okay. She's not
the first who thinks so.

Is it true that Israeli men
don't like to talk about their feelings?