Walk On Water

I don't know.
I really don't like to talk about it.

So, are you in a relationship?
I am not so great
at relationships, I think.

Do you know anyone
who's good at relationships?

I guess you're right.
How can you ever know
what a woman is really thinking?

They always complain that you never listen,
you're not connected to your emotions,

you never cry.
You just never know when they're serious.
When they really mean it.

What do you mean?
For many years I was
involved with a woman, Iris.

That's it. Now I'm on my own.
Come on. Let's take this stuff off.
- Jalla. - Jalla?
- It's an Hebraic word.

It means "come on".
You don't have to walk on water here.

You can float in them instead.
- You really never cry?
- Never.

Not even when you see a sad movie,
or you hear a sad song?

It's okay, I have a good excuse.
When I was 15, the doctors discovered
I have a rare eye-problem.

My tear ducts are dry
So I cant cry even if I want to.