Walk On Water

- Shit. Your sister's going to kill me.
- What?

You're really burnt.
Okay. Put some on your arms.
I'll do your back.
So they didn't you circumcise you?
I've never see one.

You know, we used
to talk about in the army.

if it looks bigger,
and if it's better in bed.

I don't know. It's the only one
I've ever had.

Is everybody like that in Europe?
In Germany hardly nobody's
circumcised, except for the Turks.

In other countries
of Europe, let me think...

Italians... definitely not circumcised.
Also the English and the French,
definitely not.

Actually only the Muslims are circumcised
in Europe, and the Jews, of course.

I think it looks better circumcised.
I see you know quite a lot about it.
Thank you.
It's freezing cold here.
No, don't move away.
The only way to keep warm
is to sit close to each other.

Every Israeli soldier knows this.
- So, how often does your sister
come to visit you? - She doesn't.

- Why not?
- She doesn't get along with my parents.

I actually came here to try to bring her
back to my father's birthday party.

- Birthday party?
- Yes, my father's going to be 70,

we're organizing a party for him.
My mother thought it would be
a wonderful surprise if Pia came.