Walk On Water

This is all that's left
of a full public bus

after another
suicide bomber blew himself up.

The terrorist, driving a 4X4 SUV,
stopped behind the bus

while it was picking up
passengers at this station...

- The atmosphere is very tense.
- Yes.

Have you ever thought
of going home for a visit?

And destroy our future?
They are our parents.
You don't know anything
about our parents.

Tell me then.
I don't want to,
I promised not to return.

If I there's something I should know,
you're the one who you should tell me.

You have no idea?
All the time that out father spent
locked up in his room?

And all the calls abroad
in the middle of the night?

What do you mean?
All those calls...
I picked up the telephone
once by mistake, and I found out

that our famous grandfather is still alive.
That they telephoned him
all those years, and that he cannot move.

- Is he still alive?
- He was alive when I left.

I don't believe it. They told us
he died at the end of the war.

They said many things.
I got so angry. I screamed and
insisted that he had to go to prison.

Do you think
that he is still alive?

I don't know.
I left the house on that same day.
Dad was afraid I would go
to the police. It was terrible.

I don't understand.
Why didn't you tell me that?

You had left to Italy.
You were in love for the first time.
I didn't want to bother you.

But I returned after some weeks.
I know.
I could not live there knowing that.