Walk On Water

- Hello.

Menachem asked me to deliver this.
He wants you to listen to this.
- Thanks, I...

Do you need it back?
- No.

I... If I'm not needed I'll just
leave. - Thanks.

I picked up the telephone once
by mistake, and I found out

that our famous grandfather is still alive.
That they telephoned him
all those years, and he cannot move.

- Is he still alive?
- He was alive when I left.

I don't believe it. They told us
he died at the end of the war.

They said many things.
I got so angry. I screamed and
insisted that he had to go to prison.

Do you think that he is still alive?
I don't know.
Dad was afraid I would go
to the police. It was terrible.

Good morning.
Thank you.