Walking Tall

- How you been?
- Good.

- Clean living?
- Please. You want a beer?

No. Believe it or not, I quit drinking.
I'd take a soda, though.

Okay. Here.
Thanks, man.
Like that? When you left town...
it gave me the idea I should do something
with my life, too.

So I went down to Seattle, got a guitar,
and became all about music.

And then, pretty soon,
I was about music and drugs...

and pretty soon
I was basically just about drugs...

and ended up doing two years for B and E.
I'm sorry.
Look at me now, though, right?
I've been clean and sober 14 months.

Doing construction and renewing
those supportive and healthy friendships...

from my past.
Matter of fact, I talked to the bastards,
told them you were back...

and they asked me
to politely remind you that it is Saturday.

- As in...
- As in, kick-off's in 20 minutes.

- Like old times.
- You guys still doing it.

We're still doing it.
- Playing ball?
- Absolutely. Let's go, superstar!

- Just like the old days. Go deep.
- Come on.

When did that happen?
Jay Hamilton Field.
His parents hadn't left him the mill
for more than two minutes...

- before he shut it down.
- Why?

Heads up!
Because I opened my casino.
Still got a gun, huh, Jay?
Still got your reflexes.
What? Did you get tired
of being all that you could be?

- No. I'm still all I can be.
- Really?

- I'll just have to see about that.
- Yeah.

- What brings you home?
- I just want to relax. Catch my breath.

- You? Relax?
- Yeah.

Not today.
I got it.
Let's go. Come on!