Walking Tall

This guy knows Hamilton.
You just hold him down. Come on, Burke.
He's pretty banged up, inside and out.
Whoever did this left him for dead.
A lesser man wouldn't have survived.
- I need a statement from him, Doctor.
- He's in no condition to give you one...

I'll also need a copy of your write-up,
with toxicology...

- and blood-alcohol level.
- What are you talking about?

I'm just trying to get some facts.
You need to be arresting whoever tried
to kill my brother, not testing his blood.

I'm just doing my job, Michelle. Okay?
I understand how you feel.

But we still don't know who started all this.
- It wasn't Chris.
- Just find out who did this to him, Stan.

I'll do my best, Mr. Vaughn. I really will.
In the meantime I have to file a full report.
Will you let me know when I can talk to him?
Thank you.

- He's going to be fine, Michelle.
- Thanks.