Walking Tall

First of all, I just want to say thanks.
- For what?
- For making that stickman.

He's been fired
and his gaming permit's been pulled.

I just have no idea
why my security cameras didn't catch that.

They miss a lot in your place,
don't they, Jay?

- Look, Chris, I hate seeing you like this.
- Your boys did it.

Wait a second.
So they got a little rough.
They're a bit edgy. Understandably.

You don't know what kind of assholes
they have to put up with on a daily basis.

Look, they've been reprimanded.
But they say you went nuts, man.
I'm sorry. Insensitive.
I know the proper term that vets use
is post-traumatic stress...

- What the fuck you talking about?
- Whatever. You tore my place apart...

and it wasn't easy to get my guys
to agree not to press charges.

Chris, if you had a problem,
shouldn't you have come to me?

I want to bring you inside.
I want to make you head of security.
- What do you say?
- No.

I guess you probably need time
to think about it. I figured as much.

This is for you.
It's a little something to help you get,
you know...

Come on, man, don't be like that.
I came all the way out here to your house,
just to see you get back on your feet.

I'm going to the sheriff.
I'm really sorry you feel that way.