Walking Tall

Our job is to keep order.
There was no chance
of that once he came in.

Me and my men,
we were just trying to control him.

He's highly trained, violent.
A very dangerous person.

So violent, so dangerous,
so highly trained...

that he dispatched six
of the casino security staff single-handedly.

Six men, single-handedly.
His weapon of choice,
a simple piece of cedar...

which, in his hands,
became a devastating force with one aim:

To hurt people and destroy property.
He went directly for everything.
He just came in and took over the place.

- You said he broke your arm.
- Yeah, that's correct. My right forearm.

Both bones with a single shot. It was crazy.
Toss a couple of drunks now and then.
Guys try to grope the girls.
But nothing with this sort of violence.

Did he give you
any kind of advance warning...

a chance to defend yourself?
We tussled, but he's a big guy.
He was on a mission.

Besides, he seemed to be too busy
enjoying himself from what I could see.

So from what you saw,
he seemed to have some kind of purpose?

He had a point to prove.
I was emptying machines
when he came in and started swinging.

- I was trying to get out of there.
- He was a menace.

- A very dangerous person.
- Military-trained.

He seemed like a complete psychopath.
- Nothing close to this.
- I didn't know what he'd do.

- I was frightened.
- He came for us.

- No doubt in your mind?
- No doubt.

I have no further questions.
Mr. Crowe, you may present
your client's case.

You're fired.
Your Honor, I'd like to plead my own case.