Welcome to Mooseport

Well, actually, l am a little bit irked,
now that you mention it.

- Would you like to know why?
- Absolutely.

Sit down there, Grace,
and tell me all about it. Okay?

when you-- when we
first came to live here, l--

- Yes?
- [ Clears Throat ] Excuse me, Mr. President.

Excuse me.
Could we have a minute here, please?

Sorry, Eagle.
We have an emergency.

- Unless somebody's dying, Bert,
l don't wanna hear about it.
- lt's Charlotte.

She's coming here.
Howdy. Handy for mayor.
[ Charlotte ]
Vote for Handy.

Go to court.
Get a restraining order.

Come on, people.
We gotta do something about this.

- The sure way, sir?
- Dyer, this is too smart for her.

Who thought of this?
lt was him, wasn't it? Yeah.

- Grace, l'll handle this.
- Yes.

[ Charlotte ] Handy Harrison. That's right.
That's who l'm campaigning for.

Vote for Handy.
l had dignity once.
Does anybody remember that?
- [ Charlotte ] Handy for mayor.
- [ Reporters Shouting ]

Why aren't you campaigning for the president?
Did Handy put you up to this?

Hello, Monroe.
What brought you here?

Charlotte, hon,
could we talk in private, please?

This is as private as l got for 20 years.
What's on your mind?

Well, sweetie,
if we could just talk alone...

- l'm sure we could work something out.
- Howdy! Handy for mayor!

- Could we go inside, please?
- Fine.

[ Reporter ] Why do you think
she's here, Mr. President?

- Okay, Neil. That oughta do it.
- Stand back, please.

The president's coming.
Hide the payroll benefits.

- Charlotte, would you step into my office?
- Yes, dear.

- Charlotte--
- Married couples have a shorthand, Monroe.

Ours is nine million dollars.
- Nine? l don't have it!
- Twenty-five years.

A quarter of a century l endured,
and now you're pleading poverty?

You took the house, the boat.
You've taken everything but my title.
Hello. This is former First Lady
Charlotte Cole.

l spent 25 years
with Monroe Cole...