Welcome to Mooseport

Not that. That.
Oh, this? lt's a new poll.
Five points.

- Five?
- Down.

What's the sample size?
Come on, Bert.
What's the sample size?

- Everybody.
- Everybody? This is a disaster.!

Not to pile on, sir, but l'm worried
about the book deals too.

Aw, crap. lt's like
some mythic Greek puzzle.

""The riddle of the handyman.
Somewhere, the answer.''

Sir, let's not panic.
This isn't over.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
- What's wrong with us?
- [ Both ] What?

- l'll give it to him. lt's that simple.
- Wait. You don't mean quit.

- l'll give it to him. lt's that simple.
- Wait. You don't mean quit.

You can't quit, Eagle.
l wouldn't be quitting.
That's the beauty of it.

l'll say how qualified he is,
how he's the best man for the job.

And tonight, at the debate,
l'll throw him my support.

lf l win, l win.
But if l lose, it's because l made the most
magnanimous gesture in political history...

and people took my advice.
- That's brilliant, sir.
- Thank you.

And then l'd get the girl. Uh--
- Sally.
- Sally! Right.

- Sally. Hey, hi. l'm-- l'm here.
- [ Barks ]

l'm getting ready for the debate.
You wanna come in?

No, l'm gonna get goin'. See ya.
Hold it. What's going on?
What's all this stuff?
Oh. l, um--
l won Reuben in a putting contest...
so l have to make room
for some of his stuff.

- You... what?
- l know.

l mean, can you imagine someone
actually playing golf to win a person?

- Now, look--
- No.

Don't insult me by trying
to defend this...

'cause if l let myself dwell on it,
l am really gonna lose it.

- But, Sally, it wasn't--
- l said don't.

- Easy.
- l just wanna settle this amicably. Okay?

- There's your stuff.
- My stuff? Wh--