When Will I Be Loved

There's a lot of competition for that.
But that's good.

I will absolutely try to.
We'll have some surprises for you, too.

Okay? Sorry, I should have called.
But okay. Thank you.

- I don't know what to say.
- Pardon?

You don't have to know. What are you
doing today? You having a good day?

Just hanging around.
I had to go to class.

Are you waiting for someone here?

- You.
- No?

Do you think I can get
your number sometime?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

I got it.
Ended up being a beautiful day, huh?
Beautiful weather, 80 degrees,
sunshine. You know what I'm saying?

You stay here in the country.
- You put a little suit on.
- I call from somebody else's phone.

Exactly. You go into a big business,
like a hotel, or something. Right?

Hotel's good.
You doing anything tonight?
I'm not sure yet. But I'll let you know.
- All right.
- Okay. Cool. Thank you.

Nice meeting you.
Sorry about that.
Are those students of yours?
- No, those are actually teachers.
- Oh, really?

And I assume
that's an old friend of yours?

From about five years ago.
Haven't seen him in a while.

Like the other guy, too?
- Actually, it's weird I saw both of them.
- It is weird.

I'm the mouthpiece. So I'm taking
most of the risk. It's 60l40.

When did you become a negotiator?
I'm taking the risk.
You're here in the country.

- If shit goes-
- I'm in the country?

If shit goes down,
you get five months, tops.

- I'm the one outside dealing with shit.
- Whatever.

That raises an interesting question.
Did you actually know
those two guys...

you strangely enough approached?
Or were they new?
No. Like I said, one of them, this
last guy, I haven't seen in five years.