Wicker Park

- Who's this?
- Who's this?

This is Matthew.
Who is this?

Hey, what's up, kid?
I thought you left.

No, uh...
What are you still doing here?
I'm over at the...
girl's apartment.
You went back
to the crazy girl's house?

What the hell are you doing there?
I'm really starting
to worry about you, man.

I'm starting to worry myself.
It's not just that.
I couldn't even
get on the airplane.

The thing is...
...there's something
about this apartment.

It's like Lisa's been here.
I know this sounds insane. but...
I think this is her place. man.
Well. maybe you're
just hot for this crazy girl.

First thing you gotta do is get out
of her apartment and get over here.

I'll tell you about some stuff. too.
I've had the most amazing night
of my entire life last night.

Okay. I'll be over. Just give me
a couple of minutes. okay?

All right. I'll wait.

- Hello?
- Hi. um...

May I speak to Matthew, please?
Who is this?
Um... this is Lisa.
I'm a friend of his.
I'm calling about my compact.

I think he might have found it.
Uh...which Lisa is this?
Pardon me?
Uh...I'll tell you what--
he's actually supposed to be here
in a couple of minutes.