We all start off in life
with a dream, don't we?

For a tennis player, it's being
in the final of the Grand Slam...

center court, a high lob,
a smash.

Game, set and match...
you're a champion.

You're number one.
But for most tennis players,
that's all it ever is... a dream.

The reality is another story...
my story.

You see that good-looking fella?
No, not the kid in white.
The other, tired, good-looking fella.

Yeah. Him.
Well, that's me.

British Davis Cup a long time ago.
Two singles titles even longer ago.
Presently ranked 119th in the world.
Sport is cruel.
Now, I know it doesn't
sound too bad.

Four million tennis players in the world,
and I'm 119th.

But what that really means is this...
118 guys out there are faster,
stronger, better and younger.
And it gets you thinking.
You'll be 32 in...
The prime of my life.

How long can Peter Colt keep playing
this game? Time to retire gracefully.

Stop it. Stop it. Just serve.