A History of Violence

I'm telling you,
those men were--

They were going to kill us.
They were going to kill us,
and if it weren't for Tom...

He's a hero.
...in conjunction with
several murders in those states.

Now, Tom Stall
is a family man...

with longstanding ties
to this community.

Tom Stall
was just another hard-working...

small business
owner and operator...

in Millbrook, lndiana,
but now--

Um, one of the guys
had a--a gun to my head...

and Tom--
He was amazing. He--

Hi, baby.
- Hey, honey.
- How you doing?

How are you?
Are you as sick of hearing
about me as I am?

No, I kind of like it.
Your picture's in the paper.

Oh, God.
- Hi, guys.
- Mom.

Can l--Can I get up now?
- You got it, Dad?
- Yeah.

- Way to go, Tommy.
- We're all here for you, Tom.

Way to go, Tom.
- Hi, sweetie.
- Oh, that's so nice.

Thank you so much for coming.
We're in Millbrook,
just outside the home...

of American hero Tom Stall...
who's just now returning from
the hospital with his family.

Mr. Stall,
Jenny Wyatt, WRPK news.