Anthony Zimmer

The network headed by Anthony Zimmer
laundered huge sums of money.
perfectly legally.
He used various methods.
The most brilliant was
the phony lawsuit.

Phony lawsuit?
Imagine you have 15 milion
in dirty money frozen

in a tax heaven like Bermuda.
Zimmer's phony lawsuit gets it back
into France entirely legally.
Good afternoon.
What would you like?

No, I'm waiting for someone.
You just need two companies.
The first in Bermuda,
the second in France.

Your French company
files a suit against
the Bermuda company.

It claims it hasn't delivered
a major order,

like tissues for example.
To resolve their "differences",
the companies go
to an international tribunal.

The Bermuda company is found guilty,
and the French company
receives sizeable damages.

The money goes out
of one pocket and into another.

But now it's legal.
The man is briliant.
He's a criminal who makes
a fortune smuggling drugs.

What do you consider a fortune?
Tens of milions of euros.