Anthony Zimmer

The most powerful mafia in Russia.
On this subject, Mr. Nassaiev
should know more than I.
Like you, Mr. Nassaiev's
investiigating Zimmer.

He's just an observer.
Let's get back to Zimmer.
Was he part of this mafia group?
He just worked for them.
He's not involved with them.

Why did someone like him get
into smuggling and laundering?

Love of money.
Love of risk.
He loves gambling,
being above the law.
You don't have a photo?
He's had major plastic surgery.
Now, he has a new face and voice.
If he were here now,
I wouldn't recognize him.

So you're not about to catch him.
We'll catch him sooner or later.
What makes you so sure?
I know his weakness.
They're following you...
Choose a man at random...