Anthony Zimmer

Is this seat free?
Did I scare you?
Anthony's not here?
Will he be coming?
Is that him?
Tea with milk, please.
An expresso, with some water.
You have to pay.
I haven't a cent on me.

There was everything in the hideout...
Is that the term? A hideout?
Everything except money.
Are you okay about paying?
In any case...
Good taste, nice suit.

You'll get yourself killed.
Too bad.
What do you want?
People are looking.
Play the game. Kiss me.

I couldn't sleep last night.
I thought...

What a shit that guy is!
Sacrificing someone at random.
Some poor innocent guy!

Don't you think he's a shit?
If a guy loves you,
he should risk his life for you.

I'm risking my life by being here,
just to see you!

He doesn't deserve you.
- You don't get it.

Your ticket please, sir.
My wife has the money.
Your wife?