- Daddy.
- What's going on, Isabel?

I'm moving here.
To the Valley?
Why on earth would you do that?

Because it's normal.
You're normal. You're just...
I know. But I'm not gonna
be one anymore.

You have no choice in the matter.
It's what you are.

Orange is a great color.
Orange is happy.

Why don't we just paint it yellow?
We can't, we're gonna
paint the bathroom yellow.

Since when are we doing that?
They're arguing about paint.
Yes, I can see that.
I wanna argue about paint.
- With whom?
- With someone.

A man?
- Yes!
- Oh, Isabel.

I'm through with warlocks.
They're all like you.

Even when you and mom
were married...

:04:24 were casting spells
on other women.

Your life is total
instant gratification, Daddy.

- It's fantastic, isn't it?
- No. No, it's not.

Because how do you know that
anyone really loves you for yourself?

It's like those rich men who are never
sure why women sleep with them.

But women sleep with them,
so it's not really a problem.

I want a man who needs me.
Needs you?
Because he is a completely
hopeless mess.

Oh, no. You're talking about love,
aren't you?

What do you suppose it's like?
Oh, it's simple. You say, "I love you"
to someone you want to go home with.