Brokeback Mountain

If you pair of deuces
are lookin’ for work,

I suggest you get your
scrawny asses in here, pronto.

Now, up on Brokeback
the Forest Service has got designated campsites
on the allotments.

Them camps can be three our four miles
from where we pasture the woollies.

Bad predator loss, ’cause nobody’s
lookin’ after ’em at night.

Now, what I want
is a camp tender
to stay at the main camp
where the Forest Service says.

But the herder, he’s gonna
pitch a pup tent on the q.t. with the sheep,

and he’s gonna sleep there.
You eat your supper and breakfast at camp.
But you sleep with the sheep.
A hundred percent.
No fire, don’t leave no sign.
You roll up that tent very morning
in case the Forest Service snoops around.

Not on your fuckin’ life.
You got your dogs, a .30-.30.
You sleep there.

Last summer I had a goddam near 25% loss.
I don’t want that again.

Fridays at noon to by down by the bridge,
with a grocery list and mules.
Somebody with supplies,
will be there at the pick-up.
Tomorrow morning we’ll truck you up
to the jump off.