Brokeback Mountain

Aguirre got all over my ass,
like I was supposed to control the weather.

It beats working for my old man.
Can’t please my old man, no way.
That’s why I took the rodeo.
You ever rodeo?
Yeah... well... I mean once in a while.
When I got the entry fee in my pocket.
Are you from ranch people?
Yeah, I was.
Did your folks run you off?
No, they run themselves off.
There was, uh, one curve in the road in 43 miles...
and they missed it.
So, uh...
the bank took the ranch, and
my brother and sister, they raised me mostly.

That’s hard.
Can I?
One thing...
don’t ever order soup.
Them soup boxes are hard to pack.
I don’t eat soup.
Well, watch it there.
That horse has a low startle point.
Don’t think there’s a filly that can throw me.
When you get in this damn saddle it’s kinda not so bad.