at least be honest why you're writing it.
Can't we just be honest?
Well, I don't think
you actually need to be honest.

But don't come asking
some white man from the South...

whether your book
about a black man fucking some Jew...

when they're both of the same sex...
is an issue!
Don't ask me that!
Oh, no, it's not an issue, Jimmy.
Everyone's gonna be quite pleased
with that topic.

So how about you, Truman?
Do you admit it?

Well, I'm not nearly that controversial.
I'm not! I'm not! I am not.
I'm not nearly that controversial.
Oh, come on.
Hi. It's Truman for William Shawn, please.
Have you read the article
about the killings in Kansas...

in the front section of The New York Times?
I think that's what I want to write about.
I want to go tonight.